Netflix will now allow download of its content for offline viewing

Technology - Himanshu Gill - Dec 02,2016

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netflix will now allow download of its content for offline viewing

Most popular digital streaming service, Netflix has announced that it will now allow users to download its content and watch them offline, without any additional cost.

This new feature will help Netflix in international markets and also match Amazon’s Prime Video that supports downloading. However, there are a few limits to this new feature, including the fact that not all the content on Netflix would be available for downloading. For the most part, the new feature applies to Netflix’s original TV shows or movies, as opposed to shows licensed from other providers. Although this could change, as the company has said that there are more Christmas presents on the way for its customers.

The new feature will be incorporated in the upcoming versions of its Android and iOS apps. A download button will appear next to the title of the shows and movies that would support offline viewing. The content would be available to download in two options: standard and high quality, but it is yet to be cleared what resolution does high quality refers to and how much space will it take up.

Netflix had previously denied letting people download its content. The major factor that led to change in the company’s mind is that its services are being rolled out in more than 190 countries and not all of them have high speed internet access and ubiquitous wireless connections are not as common as they are in North America or Europe. Offline viewing will help viewers in these countries to access Netflix services more easily.

At present, the titles available for downloading include The Crown, House of Cards, Sky Latter, Stranger Things, Narcos, Orange is the New Black and Black Mirror. The company, which has 86 million subscribers globally are confident of a huge growth in their viewership in the upcoming years.