Istanbul Explosions: Twin blasts kill 38, 155 reported injured

World - Mohit Shah - Dec 12,2016

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istanbul explosions twin blasts kill 38 155 reported injured

Twin bomb attacks outside a stadium in Turkey’s Istanbul led to the killing of 38 people; a Kurdish militant group along with IS are under the scanner for these blasts. 

On Saturday, the Turkish city of Istanbul was hit by a dark state as a car bomb struck a police vehicle parked outside a football stadium. This was further accompanied by another blast where a suicide bomber detonated an explosive-filled vest few miles away from the first spot. Both the blasts happened in quick successions which clearly stated that it was a planned strategy. 

The blasts occurred two hours after the match near the home ground of the top-division football team, Besiktas. Police have arrested around thirteen people who have been sent for investigation. 

After all the chaos, strong speculations are doing the rounds regarding the Kurdish militants who have already targeted police officers in the recent past. Out of the 38 dead in the twin blasts on Saturday, many were police officers. The Kurdish Freedom Hawks (TAK), a division of the Kurdistan Worker's Party (PKK), stated on its website that the local population was not the actual target for these attacks. 

A total of 155 people have been sent to the hospitals for treatment. It is reported that 14 people are managed in the intensive care unit due to critical injuries.
According to experts, at least 300-400 kilos of explosives were fitted inside the car bomb which was aimed to blow the police vehicle. The explosion was so intense that the car involved in the bombing was completely destroyed. 

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke at a news conference expressing his sorrow and support towards the survivors. He urged the nation to stand strong against terrorism which has disturbed the nation on a frequent basis. “We will not let them discourage us and make us afraid of them. This country is its people”, were the reassuring words by Erdogan.