Ireland to legalize cannabis for medicinal use

World - Mohit Shah - Dec 05,2016

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ireland to legalize cannabis for medicinal use

Irish Government announced that it would not bar the first reading of the marijuana bill; the country is on the verge to legalize cannabis for medicinal needs.

The decision by the Irish Government for authorizing marijuana stresses on an extended liberal mentality in conservative Ireland. The ruling party claimed that, it would not oppose the legalization procedure as the aim is to regulate and utilize cannabis for medicinal purposes.

Health Minister Simon Harris said he would surely expect some amendments, but in the later stages which focuses on the scientific and clinical usage of the drug. He also accepted the prime objectives of the bill, which was introduced by Gino Kenny, left-wing opposition lawmaker. This legislation had sprouted with the desire that Ireland would join countries like Australia, Italy and the Czech Republic, which possess flexible laws on medical grounds.

However, Harris has his concerns which involves the removal of certain references from the bill that might portray a twisted image to the public. He pointed out the mentioning of legalization which should be correctly mentioned stating that the drug isn’t available for everyone.

Kenny praised the Health Minister of Ireland as the bill was passed. He acknowledged the minister’s spot in not opposing the bill. Moreover, he also thanked the other members of the Parliament for lending their support. "It's been overwhelming, not only in the Dail, but to see the people who have contacted us and who are trying to access medical cannabis,” were Kenny’s words told to a national broadcaster.

Mr. Kenny’s hopes are quite positive as he is waiting for the medical sector in the country to join on board to support the use of marijuana-made drugs after the confirmed approval by the Health Products Regulatory Authority.