India Offers the World’s Largest Solar Power Plant

World - Pavan Pandey - Dec 01,2016

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india offers the worlds largest solar power plant

India has become the hub to the world’s largest solar power plant with a 648 megawatt (MW) capacity established in the southern state of Tamil Nadu.

The solar facility covers an area of 10 sq. km. in Kamauthi, Tami Nadu in India. This entire area of solar panels alone could hold approx. 476 football pitches. This facility makes it the largest solar plant at a particular location; it also acquires the title of being the world’s largest solar power plant that has a capacity of 550 MW (Megawatt). The previous title holder was Topaz Solar Farm in California, US.

The entire solar facility has been built in a record-breaking period of eight months, despite weather and climate circumstances.

This southern Indian solar farm facility can generate a total of 648 megawatts of green and clean electricity and by the year 2022 India ambitions to supply power to 60 million homes by utilizing solar energy. This massive solar power plant farm took only eight months for its construction which involved 8,500 workers.

The entire solar plant is washed every single day by a robotic system and this robot is charged by its own solar panels. The project is comprised of 2.5 million individual solar modules and a budget of $679 million was involved to build this plant. The cost was funded by the Indian multinational conglomerate company, Adani Group.

Adani Group’s power business subsidiary Adani Power Limited Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Vneet Jain states, before this solar power plant the largest solar power plant at a particular location was in California which produced 550 MW, but the aim here was to build an advanced solar farm within a time span of one year. As per solar power experts, India is likely to convert itself as the world's third-biggest solar market after US and China with the start of 2017.