Google’s top searches 2016 led by Pokémon Go, iPhone 7 & Trump

Technology - Mohit Shah - Dec 15,2016

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googles top searches 2016 led by pokemon go iphone7 and trump

The year 2016 had numerous debatable topics which flew to all corners of the world; Google’s annual “Year in Search” list for 2016 reveals that Pokémon Go, iPhone 7 & Trump stood at the top.

Among the list of Google’s most searched terms for 2016, the throne has been captured by “Pokémon Go”. This game created a global frenzy-specifically after its summer release- following a boost in the count of searches during the month of July.

As per statistics, “Pokémon Go” had already earned a net revenue of $200 million worldwide within a month after its release.

Google’s list also includes a popular term from the world of technology which was launched in the latter half of the year. Apple’s much anticipated “iPhone 7” stood second in the rankings after its global showcase in September.

From the world of politics, the exit of Britain from the European Union, tagged as “Brexit”, was frequently searched on Google in 2016. But, the U.S Elections did take a bigger leap and the new president-elect Donald “Trump” bagging the third place.

However, in U.S’ own top searched list, terms like “Election”, “Trump” and “Hillary Clinton” were ranked eighth to tenth. “Hurricane Matthew” as well as the multiplayer game “"", emerged as ‘hotter-tags’ as compared to the U.S Elections.

Google’s top searches 2016 list has been majorly occupied by news which shocked media houses, global citizens or had a significant impact on the financial markets. The demise of world-renowned musicians, Prince and David Bowie, was indeed regretted on an international level that made them rank higher on the list.

Top-grossing movies like Suicide Squad and Deadpool were quite a rage which has successfully placed them in the world’s top 10 searched terms on Google. Moreover, the “Powerball” jackpot along with the “Olympics” held in Brazil maintained a lot of public gravity this year, buying them a place in the rankings.