Google confirmed its data centres to be 100% renewable-sourced by 2017

Company - Mohit Shah - Dec 07,2016

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google confirmed its data centres to be 100 percent renewable sourced by 2017

Google has assured that by 2017 it will hit the target to neutralize 100% of the power used by its data centres against energy generated through renewable sources.

According to the current claims by Google, it is the largest corporate buyer of renewable energy source in the world. This mission to go eco-friendly was initiated in 2015 with a future aim to go 100% renewable by the year 2017.

Though the company still depends on fossil fuels, but the share of acquired electricity through sustainable energy sources is quite huge so as to equalize the energy usage at its various offices and data centres.

At present, 13 of the data centres possessed by Google consume total electricity of 5.7 terawatts-hours (TWh).

The senior vice president for technical infrastructure at Google, Urs Holzle said that in the last six years cost of solar and wind energy has declined by 80% and 60% respectively, making these renewable sources the perfect low cost options. He also added, "Since the wind doesn't blow 24 hours a day, we'll also broaden our purchases to a variety of energy sources that can enable renewable power, every hour of every day."

For a big company like Google, achieving such a major target is indeed backed up by big incentives. Tax incentives granted by the US government for investing in clean energy has surely boosted the company’s confidence. But with the incoming of Donald Trump as the President, there are chances that these rewards might experience a sudden shutdown.

The person in charge for Google’s strategy for energy, Gary Demasi said, the company is not disturbed by such scares. He explained that the tax incentives are scheduled to drop in the next few years but there are no concerns related to this reduction, primarily because the expenditure of the technology is expected to come down anyway.