Ford Motor Co. will recall about 680,000 of its vehicles

Automotive - Pavan Pandey - Dec 05,2016

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ford motor co will recall about 680000 of its vehicles

Ford Motor Company is recalling some of its car models such as; Ford Fusion, Ford Mondeos and Lincoln MKZ, which have been detected with defective seat belts for the driver and passenger-side seat.

American multinational automaker Ford Motor Company said on Friday that, the company will recall around 680,000 of its sedans (a passenger car in a three-box configuration with A, B & C-pillars) model of Ford Fusion, Lincoln MKZ and Ford Mondeos due to defective seat belts that could overheat and break during accidents.

According to a Ford Motor Co. report, two accidents as well as two serious injuries have already occurred which are related to this seat belt issue.

About 602,000 models of the vehicles are recalled in the United States and around 35,000 in Canada along with 8,600 car models from Mexico City. A minor count of Ford Mondeo sedans are also being recalled, but all those models are from outside the North American region.

Ford Motor Co. stated that, they will notify the car owners through email in the month of January next year. The company further added, dealers can fix the defective seat belt issue by injecting a coating into the seat belt anchor pretensioner to guard the cables without charging any cost to the owners. A reference number has also been set by Ford for this recall; the exact reference number is 16S42.

In a recall notice, the recollection consists of Ford Fusion models of 2013 to 2016, Lincoln MKZ models of 2013 to 2015 and Ford Mondeo models of year 2016. These car models were built at Ford’s Hermosillo Assembly plant in Mexico City and Flat Rock plant in Michigan, USA.