Exercise enhances men’s sperm count, reported by scientists

Medical - Mohit Shah - Dec 09,2016

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exercise enhances mens sperm count reported by scientists

As per scientist, at least half an hour of exercise repeated three times a week may increment men’s sperm count.

A research published in the journal, Reproduction, reveals that men who are active in running exercises had a healthier sperm count. It was analyzed that, the hike was temporary which faded if the men dismissed their treadmill training. 

However, there are several studies which point out that participation in competitive sports such as cycling can reduce the sperm quality.

According to experts, there needs to be a correct balance as rigorous exercise sessions can hamper sperm production.

The analysis involved 261 healthy men who weren’t affected by any sort of infertility issues. Moreover, it was made sure that the men had normal sperm counts and led settled lives. These men were appointed under four programmes- no exercise, three sessions a week involving high intensity interval training (30 minutes on treadmill), three sessions a week covering moderate exercise (an hour on treadmill) and three sessions a week involving intense exercise. 

It was concluded that exercise training did lead to an evident boost in sperm quantity and quality; moderate exercise sessions topped the list. Moreover, men in all three exercise categories lost weight and saw improved sperm test outcomes in comparison to the men who did not exercise over the trail period of 24-weeks. 

Obesity is one of the stated factors which reduces fertility and was clearly verified through this research test. Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can also lead to sperm count issues. 

But there is one thing which is still not clear and that is, the effect on the fertilizing potential of sperm. The researchers are planning to explore this aspect in the lab. 

After the research results, lead researcher Behzad Hajizadeh Maleki tagged exercising as a “cheap and effective strategy for improving sperm quality in sedentary men”.