EU meeting in Brussels to avoid a fallout with Turkey

World - Mohit Shah - Dec 15,2016

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eu meeting in brussels to avoid a fallout with turkey

European Union leaders would be meeting in Brussels on Thursday with a motive to decide on the normalization of EU-Turkey relations.

The European parliament has been demanding to decline negotiations with Turkey regarding its merger with the EU. However, the EU member states have opposed their demand and have planned to meet in Brussels this week in order seek a clarification to Turkey’s status.

Some of the prominent leaders of the EU nations are reluctant to loosen hopes of Europe’s influence in Ankara. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said in November that, it would be a big lapse to kill EU extension talks with Turkey.

On Tuesday, EU ministers commented that Turkey’s membership extension process is open-ended, although there is no scope for new negotiating chapters.

The last negotiation chapter was discussed in June after which all talks were stalled. At the moment, the EU members are only pushing for a formal freeze.

Austria is opposing this step and has demanded to restrict Turkey’s membership procedure. The foreign minister of Austria, Sebastian Kurz, expressed his disapproval during Tuesday’s EU meeting.

Kurz told a Deutsche news channel that “In Turkey, dissenters are intimidated, journalists and opposition politicians are imprisoned.” He further added that the European Union must respond to such actions.

The EU wishes to maintain diplomatic ties with Ankara in order to reduce the fears that the country may dismiss the migrant swap deal which was signed in March.

The membership negotiations with Turkey need not be pushed or else a grouchy Erdogan could possibly unleash over 3 million Syrian migrants based in Turkey directly into southern Europe. Moreover, the rebound could get worse as Turkish co-operation in the battle against the Islamic State may also be restricted.

The safest option in front of the European leaders at present is to put a stop on the membership talks.