Dozens of Afghans arrive in Kabul as Germany starts deportation

World - Himanshu Gill - Dec 16,2016

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dozens of afghans arrive in kabul as germany starts deportation

38 asylum seekers deported from Germany arrived in Kabul on yesterday, after being denied asylum by the German interior ministry.

According to German officials, more than 12,000 Afghan refugees to be been deported. This group was the first one to arrive back in Afghanistan after a new controversial agreement was made between the German government and Kabul in October.

 A chartered plane carrying the deported Afghans (all men), arrived in Kabul from Frankfurt. The German police had arrested the asylum seekers from their homes or asylum centers, as many of them didn’t even get the chance to gather all their belongings.

Chancellor Angela Merkel, who was harshly criticized for letting in more than a million migrants since the start of 2015, has now adopted a tougher approach of weeding out the migrants who do not qualify as refugees. Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere has made it clear that more deportations will follow, focusing that these deportations will actually help in maintaining the asylum system.

He added that one-third of those deported were suspected criminals, convicted of offences such as robbery and drug crimes to rape and homicide. Of the 50 men that were due on the plane, 12 had disappeared.

The mass influx of migrants in the country has raised concerns of security and integration, putting pressure on Merkel to make her policies more hostile. Earlier this month, an Afghan refugee was arrested on charges of raping and murdering a student in the city of Freiburg.

Syrians are the largest migrant population of Europe, followed by the Afghans who make up a 5th of all the migrants. Over 3200 Afghans have voluntarily left Germany this year.

Conditions are still grim in Afghanistan, as nearly a third of the country is under Taliban’s control and civilian casualties are being recorded at a new high. The government has also failed to develop the country’s economy.