Business leaders in the U.K. expect growth in 2017 post-Brexit

World - Mohit Shah - Dec 26,2016

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business leaders in the uk expect growth in 2017 post brexit


As per current polls, top business chiefs retain their confidence in U.K.’s economy after the Brexit shocker which took place in the month of June.

The survey held by the Institute of Directors 34,000 members has exposed that around 60 per cent are segregated under the optimistic or very optimistic categories related to their business prospects for next year.

The Institute of Directors also mentioned that most of the business-owning members part of this poll believe that the year 2017 will signal profitability wrapped with higher revenues, regardless of Brexit downers.

The percentage of pessimistic business leaders was only 15% who thought their revenues will take a dip next year.

As per the IoD, there are also evident improvements since the last survey which reveal the number of firms seeking to invest has increased.

This news will surely pile some extra pressure on Theresa May and the current government to provide more clarity on their Brexit plans in regard to businesses before the stated implementation of the official Article 50 EU exit process which initiates in spring next year.

Simon Walker, Director General of the IoD, said that the bosses have become used to “uncertainty” and it was time for the Ministers to provide a clear signal about what happens to the 2.5 million EU citizens who are dwelling in the U.K.

The positive mentality of the business holders at present is seen as a great opportunity for the politicians to gain public trust. “Politicians must now look to build on this optimism with an ambitious pro-enterprise domestic agenda and a constructive start to our European negotiations”, as said by James Sproule, IoD’s chief economist.

Right after the Brexit news, companies such as Google, McDonald's, Nissan and Facebook have shown a keen interest in investment ventures in Britain.