Bluetooth 5.0: Equipped with high speed and better range

Technology - Pavan Pandey - Dec 14,2016

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bluetooth 5 equipped with high speed and better range

Bluetooth 5.0 is much better and well-equipped as it is designed for the Internet of Things (IoT); it is ready to be launched in the market soon.

The Special Interest Group (SIG) officially gave a green light for launching Bluetooth’s updated version, Bluetooth 5.0. This new update is ready to be launched this week.

The latest updated version of Bluetooth offers twice the speed, four times the range and eight times more data of its previous version Bluetooth 4.1. Initially, Bluetooth was projected for short-range, wireless data connections but the latest adopted version Bluetooth 5.0 is targeted to be accessible for solid buildings, full-homes and outdoor IoT (Internet of Things) connections.

There are no specific audio improvements in Bluetooth 5.0. The superior range will be able to connect the wireless headphones from an extended distance.

The Special Interest Group, which manages the standard of Bluetooth promises serious improvements in the performance of its latest version.

In  comparison with Bluetooth 4.1 which offered coverage up to 10 meters, the 5.0 version targets for an ambitious range of 40 meters. Moreover, the fifth version of Bluetooth also offers twice the quickness, with a maximum speed of 2MBps compared to the current speed of 1MBps. The transfer capacity of Bluetooth 5.0 is eight times larger than Bluetooth 4.1, making a more capable use of the 2.4GHz band. Bluetooth 5.0 also offers the enhancement to lower battery consumption.

The Executive Director of the Bluetooth SIG, Mr. Mark Powell, stated that “Bluetooth is revolutionizing how people experience the IoT.” Mr. Powell further added that Bluetooth 5.0 continues to channelize this revolution by offering reliable IoT connections and organizing the adoption of beacons, which would eventually decrease connection barriers and help to serve a seamless IoT experience.