Apple AirPods deemed as irreparable and non-recyclable by iFixit

Technology - Himanshu Gill - Dec 27,2016

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apple airpods deemed as irreparable and non recyclable by ifixi

iFixit, a company that is known for ‘teardowns’ of electronic devices for providing their repair guides, has deemed Apple’s AirPods as irreparable and unrecyclable.

AirPods, Apple’s wireless earphones, were unveiled in September and since then they had been highly anticipated but were delayed repeatedly. The much expensive AirPods are finally made available to customers around the Christmas time, but customers are being warned in advance that the AirPods cannot be repaired and taking care of them is a must.

The California-based company, iFixit, has dismantled a number of smartphones and accessories down to their basic components. On tearing down the AirPods, iFixit said that their reparability is even more complex than rest of the devices manufactured by Apple. The company claims that AirPods are poorly constructed and other than being irreparable, they are non-recyclable as well.

Apple, over the years, has maintained a tradition of creating devices that don't end up as electronic waste. But iFixit has given AirPods a reparability score of zero, a score it has given to only a few number of devices in the past. It also claims that the AirPods are poorly constructed as access to any component of the device is impossible without destroying its outer casing. The complete reliability on glue for holding together the internal components also stands as an obstacle in repairing the earphones.

iFixit said that complex components like boards, cables and other bits have been all jammed into a small form factor; and all this has been simply sealed with a superabundant amount of glue. They term the earbud as a ‘hot mess of cables and adhesive’ and suggest that the earphones have been rushed into the market without being properly worked upon.

Meanwhile, Apple has said that it will offer new replacement AirPods for $99 in case someone losses a pair, but there is no such offer on damages.