Amazon and Google offering $1 movie rentals in the holiday season

Company - Himanshu Gill - Dec 26,2016

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amazon and google offering 1 movie rentals in the holiday season

Amazon and Google are now offering movies for $0.99 as holiday offers in this season with the launch of an online movie rental service.

Users can simply go to Google Play and watch Hollywood blockbusters of their choice from a wide section of popular movies across different genres and time periods. Amazon is running in the same race with Google and offering popular Hollywood movies at $0.99 by using promo code “MOVIE99”. Users can avail this offer on either Google or Amazon only until January 23 2017.

Amazon offers about 49,000 movies as part of the deal, including the latest blockbusters like Suicide Squad, Jason Bourne, Magnificent Seven, Sully, Bridget Jones's Baby, and Finding Dory, and much more. It also offers some all-time Hollywood classics like Elf and Die Hard.

Google is offering hits like The Lego Movie, Now You See and the Home Alone series. It also has deals offering 50 percent off on new titles like Kubo, The Two Strings and Star Trek: Beyond.

However, both the retailers are allowing only one use of the offer per account, but users still have the chance of watching one movie on each website. The offer started with the Christmas holidays and will go beyond the New Year.

The easy-to-avail offers are available with the respective promotional codes. Once done with the code, users have an access to thousands of movies. The discount is not reflected on the websites, but the user’s order history will display the promotional credit. The offers cannot be transferred or resold and cannot be redeemed after 23rd of January.

To redeem the offer on time, users can first log on to Google Play Movies, or Amazon Video, and select the movie they would like to rent. The follow-up steps are guided on the respective websites.