Alaska and Delta Air Lines to end a code-share agreement

Company - Pavan Pandey - Dec 22,2016

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alaska and delta air lines to end a code share agreement

American airline company, Delta Air Lines Inc. announced that it will end a code-share partnership with Alaska Airline on April 30, 2017.

This code-share agreement (DL- and AS-coded flight) permitted the carriers to sell each other’s flights. Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines stated it has almost tripled its own flights at its Seattle hub since the year 2013 and thus planned to end the code-share marketing agreement with Alaska Airline will end April 30, 2017.

Alaska Airline and Delta Air Lines were once very close partners but their connection has worsened in recent years. The relationship of these two airlines deteriorated largely as a result of a turf war that sprung out of Delta’s move to construct its own hub in Seattle, which happens to be the hometown of Alaska Airline.

Now, the carriers have confirmed that the customers who belong to Delta Air Lines won’t able to take their journey in Alaska Airline. However, Delta said that it will hold an interline contract with Alaska, allowing them to continue delivering customers ticketing and belongings connectivity.

The American airlines also are finishing their contract allowing frequent flier customers of each carrier to earn and redeem mile plans on either flight.

Delta Air Lines has been beefing up its own hub at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and some of Delta’s routes now compete precisely with Alaska Airline. World’s fastest growing airport, Seattle airport is the also largest airport in the Pacific Northwest area of the US.

Alaska Airline’s latest acquisition of Virgin America Inc. could also be a key reason for the termination of this agreement. The acquisition of Virgin America was announced in April 2016 and approximately $2.6 billion of total prices were fixed for it.