4 Major Global Cities to Ban Diesel Vehicles by 2025 for Pollution Control

Segregation - Himanshu Gill - Dec 02,2016

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4 major global cities to ban diesel vehicles by 2025 for pollution controll

In what could be considered as a major blow to the global automobile industry, 4 major cities have pledged to ban diesel vehicles by 2025.

The leaders of Paris, Mexico City, Madrid and Athens have said that they will stop the use of all diesel cars and utility vehicles to improve air quality. The plan is to promote cycling and walking with a further initialization of providing incentives for the use of alternate vehicles, as declared by the mayors of the respective cities in a biennial meeting held in Mexico.

The use of diesel vehicles have come under scrutiny recently as countries around the globe are becoming more concerned about air pollution. Last year, world’s leading car manufacturer- Volkswagen, faced a lot of criticism and suffered considerable losses since its diesel engines were found to be fraudulently emitting more nitrous oxides than the strict permissible limits in the US.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has also said that over 3 million people die every year due to air pollution. Environmental organizations are putting more pressure and even going to courts to try and enforce clean air standards and regulations. Campaigners in the UK are constantly forcing the government to act more swiftly.

At the C40 meeting in Mexico, the four mayors committed to do everything in their power to ban diesel vehicles by 2025 and promote electric, hydrogen and hybrid vehicles.

Among these cities, Mexico City faces the largest problem of traffic and air pollution, while Paris has already taken various steps to control the impact of diesel cars and trucks. Vehicles registered before 1997 have been banned from entering the city. They said that their ambition is to ban diesel use from the city and have already started to roll out.

Tokyo has already banned diesel vehicles, while Barcelona have reduced CO2 emissions by over 9,000 tonnes by making bicycles publically available all across the city.