Zika Virus can Travel Anywhere, Warns Obstetrician Adriana Melo

World - Mohit Shah - Nov 15,2016

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zika virus can travel anywhere

Brazilian doctor, Adriana Melo, who had previously revealed the strong link of Zika virus with microcephaly in newborns, has warned rich countries to stay protected from this ‘neglected disease’.

Zika virus disease is basically caused due to the transmission of a particular virus via Aedes mosquitoes. The symptoms are quite similar to dengue, but with the unavailability of any treatment or vaccine, this disease can cause devastating effects.

Obstetrician Adriana Melo is a renowned personality who is firmly linked with various research operations on Zika virus. She was the first person to analyze the connection between this disease and microcephaly; a neurological condition in small babies. The report prepared by Melo was passed by the World Health Organization in February this year, which was later followed by an international public health emergency.

In a recent interview held in Rio de Janeiro, the Brazilian doctor urged for extra efforts and funds so as to pull off deeper investigation regarding this strange virus. The concern was majorly due to the recent reports which reveal that, Zika can also be transmitted sexually as well as through body fluids like sweat and tears.

She also said, "It's a disease that doesn't interest rich countries much because they think it won't reach them. But it's a risk to underestimate this virus. I am very afraid of viruses," which was mainly due to the casual approach in non-affected wealthy nations across the globe.

This disease originated in Africa and later moved to Latin America. Brazil is the prime country which consists of 1.5 million infected people along with 2000 newborns with brain abnormality. There have been reports regarding Zika cases in Europe and the U.S quite recently. This has surely strengthened the demand for better study of this disease before the world is hit by a ‘looming epidemic’.