WHO slams junk food companies for advertising on childrens apps

Medical - Himanshu Gill - Nov 11,2016

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who slams junk food companies for advertising on childrens apps

The World Health Organization (WHO) has asked children’s mobile apps, social media sites and video blogs to remove advertisements promoting junk foods.

The WHO appeals parents to be more aware and observant of the overly advertised kids’ apps on smart phones. The report issued by WHO states that junk food ads are flooding the internet and they precisely target kids.

The WHO also criticized governments across the world for failing to keep a check on such concerning issues. Doctors have said that obesity among kids is already at alarming levels. One in every 5 kids is overweight in the UK.

The report was critical of video bloggers who intentionally advertise junk food while streaming their content. It says that such video bloggers are being paid by junk food supply companies for promoting their products.

It also accused the food companies of collecting data relating to children’s age, location and preferences to target them with their junk food advertisements. The report added that such companies intentionally mark their stores as important locations while playing mobile games like Pokemon Go, just to attract kids.

According to a study in the US (published in the International Journal on Obesity), multiple exposure to junk food on television, laptops and phones can create a genetic vulnerability of kids towards such foods. It suggests that children who watch TV and play games for longer times usually eat unlimited snacks.

Some countries like the UK have taken initial steps by banning junk food ads on children’s television, but the WHO report suggests that these steps are not at par with the pace of social media. It urges the governments to intervene and act strictly and immediately.

The WHO said that it is working on the list of drinks and foods could be safely advertised for children at different age groups.