Twitter suspends CEO Jack Dorsey’s own account by mistake

Company - Pavan Pandey - Nov 30,2016

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twitter suspends ceo jack dorseys account by mistake

The Twitter account of Mr. Jack Dorsey (co-founder and CEO) was briefly suspended due to an internal mistake; this report was confirmed by Jack himself.

The Twitter account of Mr. Jack Dorsey was suspended for almost half an hour before it was again reinstated. Later, he posted a tweet on his account in which he called the suspension as an internal mistake.

Recently, Twitter has removed the accounts of several alt-right users from its platform. Yesterday, Twitter banned a Vietnamese-American television and social media personality, Tila Tequila, who describes herself as the “alt-Reich queen”. Twitter banned her from the site after posting an image performing the Hitler salute during an US white nationalist event.

The social media giant recently include a ‘mute’ tool that allows Twitter users to block specific conversation, keywords and also phrases from their notifications.

The account suspension of Mr. Jack was unclear as whether it was removed under the current large scale clean-up process by the social network giant. The speculation is quite rigid as users can only deactivate their accounts at their own will or Twitter itself has the authority to launch a suspension.  

Twitter can suspend user accounts when other users flag them.  This makes the officials at Twitter believe that the particular user is posting spam or abusive tweets on the site. It can also suspend a user account if it is compromised or hacked by someone else. In recent days, the social media network has become more active in suspending user accounts that violate some of the critical rules.

Today, when the users tried to view Jack Dorsey profile, it flashed an error message. After confirming the account suspension as an internal mistake, Jack also joked on his own tweet in order to cover up the matter.