Train Crash in India: 133 killed, more than 200 injured

World - Mohit Shah - Nov 22,2016

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train crash in india 133 killed more than 200 injured

Passenger train derailed killing at least 133 people in northern India. This incident happened at midnight when the train covering a 27-hour journey between Indore and Pune slumped off the tracks near Pukhrayan village, Uttar Pradesh.

According to police officials, the count of injured people is more than 200 and is expected to rise. As per reports, people are still missing which has enhanced the pace of the rescue operation.

There are still no evidences as to how 14 carriages of a single train rolled off. Authorities claimed that, they have examined the condition of the tracks but would need to check them one more time before offering any final statement. The impact of this train crash is compared to the rail disaster which happened in the state of Bihar, 1981.

Senior railway official Pratap Rai said that, desperate survivors tried to enter the busted carriages in search for family members and personal belongings. A total of 13 crashed coaches have been cleared, but the last carriage is the most difficult one, said senior police official Amit Chaudhary.

Around 150 people are sent to government hospitals including 76 who have been registered in a critical state. India’s railway minister, Suresh Prabhu, confirmed the operation of a special train which later carried uninjured passengers to Patna. He also announced that, water bottles and food packets were provided to the helpless passengers.

India’s railway system is the fourth largest in the world. More than 20 million people travel daily through trains, but poor safety measures are a cause for serious incidents on an annual basis.

On Sunday, PM Narendra Modi expressed his condolences to the families who suffered great loss in this tragic train crash. Russian President, Vladimir Putin, also shared his words of support and sympathy regarding the dreadful accident.