Three Shipwrecks of WW II Strangely Disappeared from the Bottom of Java Sea

World - Pavan Pandey - Nov 18,2016

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three shipwrecks of ww2 strangely disappeared from the bottom of java sea

According to the 3D mapping report of Java Sea confirmed by Dutch Defence ministry, three drowned Dutch vessels totally disappeared from the waterbed.

 A pair of warships sunk during the historic 1942 naval battle (Battle of the Java Sea) totally vanished from the bottom of the Java Sea and some large parts of another warship are also missing. All three ships were sunk by the Japanese naval forces during the Java Sea battle. The wrecks were discovered by amateur divers at war graves (later declared) in 2002. This matter has disappointed the British government which has declared to investigate the issue of missing shipwrecks.

According to the Dutch Defence Ministry, the wrecks of HMS Exeter and destroyer HMS Encounter have apparently gone completely missing and a large part of HMS Electra is also not present. . Ministry fears that, this loot is a work of metal scavengers. According to the experts, salvaging the wrecks of warships would have been a gigantic operation because the demolished remains were too heavy and had also drowned 70 meters deep in the Java Sea. This is a shocking case that has spread like fire on the worldwide news platform. No solid evidences have been gathered till now.

These shipwrecks are valued by the British because hundreds of English soldiers died when the three ships were torpedoed by the Japanese navy forces and only 54 men of 173 men on board HMS Electra survived. Most of the men on HMS Exeter survived the sinking and 652 were rescued by the Japanese navy forces. Approximately 2,200 navy soldiers died in the Battle of the Java Sea, in February 1942. Dutch, British, Australian and US forces ships involved in the Battle of the Java Sea to stop Japanese navy force.