MODEL 3: Teslas Ace of Spades?

Business - Akanksha Singh - Nov 11,2016

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teslas model 3 to change its reputation

Will Tesla’s “Model 3”, prove to be a game-changer for the company’s reputation, as well as the ever-evolving automobile industry

Automobile and Energy Storage giant Tesla, is famous for overpromising and over-calculating, with its products and abilities (in the respective order); while Elon Musk the company’s CEO is famous for “spinning a yarn to keep his story going”.

Amidst the accusations and the promises not fulfilled, lies a ray of sunshine- “MODEL 3”.

Model 3 is Tesla’s hope to connect with the “common peeps”, it is an Electronic Vehicle, sporting a clean and sexy sedan look, with an efficient and considerate electronic engine; the final icing on the cake being its price. Model 3 is to be priced around $30,000, not a “cheap” price, but it is a price of the masses, for a car that might prove to be the future of vehicles.

After the opening of a new Gigafactory in Nevada this July, Tesla aims at manufacturing 500,000 Model 3’s every year by 2018. This car apart from being ‘environment friendly’ or ‘futuristic’, is sleek, stylish and fast. Its massive appeal can be made out through the fact that, not yet launched, almost 375,000 customers have registered for it in advance; It is Tesla’s approach at ‘electrifying the masses’ and ‘bringing people to the future’.

Model 3 would be the first Electric Vehicle to offer Tesla’s ‘Autopilot’, the semi self-driving technology, at an affordable price for the masses; it would also be the first “Tesla” the commoners could afford.

Though not as amazing as the promise to ‘build solar cities’, or ‘colonize mars’, Model 3 promises a window towards what can be the future of transportation. It can be counted as ‘the baby step’, towards a future of smart and eco-friendly technology that would lead towards the dream of sustainability.