Stocks Decline Substantially Due to Global Political Disturbance

Business - Mohit Shah - Nov 11,2016

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stocks decline substantially due to global political disturbance

Global stock rates declined on Friday reaching the lowest mark since early July owing to the current political situation in both U.S and Britain

The international equity market recently faced a huge blow due to the presidential race worries in the United States. Moreover, the court decision related to Brexit has also distressed the market to a great extent. 

The S&P 500 closed at a lower level for the ninth straight day. It is probably the longest unsuccessful streak for the benchmark index in the past 35 years. This has happened majorly since the investors stayed dull due to the unsure U.S. election.
Talking about the adverse effects, the U.S dollar has dropped to its one-month low value in comparison to the Swiss franc. Though the pound was up by a meagre margin of 0.1 percent. But London’s FTSE indices were quite low across the border. 

Apart from the political dilemma, there is another demon which has killed the stocks significantly. The degrading oil prices has added to the tensions of the global share market. This has also created concerns for a stressful condition of low inflation in the U.S. Oil prices lowered by 1 percent on Thursday, but were stagnant on Friday. Many investors are clueless about the fuel prices until something positive comes out from the OPEC meeting which is due later this month. 

The only satisfying news this week was the stable price of gold. There was a rise in the prices which was spotted at $1,304.30 an ounce. 

Analysts are quite certain that the global stock investors will remain on the edge until the results of the U.S elections are out. Position of the equity market is very hazy which might become clear once the weekend ends.