Snapchat Spectacles is the new tech trend

Technology - Akanksha Singh - Nov 15,2016

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spectacles new goggles by snapchat

Spectacle”, the new Wi-Fi enabled sunglass by snapchat allows you to make short videos on the go

Snapchat has launched its new gadget ‘Spectacles’, and it’s all the rage. The ‘Spectacle’ is a sunglass like gadget that records mini videos, like snapchat stories these videos are 10 seconds long. 

The gadget is as simple as can be; you just need to pair it with your phone over Bluetooth and give it a name, while HD videos require you to set up a Wi-Fi connection to import. Once that's done, put the sunglasses on, tap the button on the rims (the only button) and let it rest in front of your phone’s ‘snapchat ghost’. Wallah! You can record. The video you record is like a regular snapchat 10 seconds video that can be further extended twice simply by clicking the button. There are LED lights on the other rim of your spectacles that spin while you're recording.

The device is available for $130 on strange yellow vending machines, called the ‘Snapbots’. These snapbots are yellow coloured points of attraction. Starting from Snap Inc.’s headquarter in Venice, these ‘snapbots’ would be at one place, for about a day. People stood up in line in Venice for hours to buy these ‘spectacles’, and those who did wouldn’t stop blabbering about them.

The device connects to both android and iOS devices. Though, the camera quality is not that good, if compared to high quality cameras of android or iPhones but that defeats the purpose of the spectacles, “Its fun”. So, get your skateboards, wear your beanies, pull out that trampoline and get rolling.