Smog-hit residents in China ready to pay for ‘bottled fresh air’

World - Mohit Shah - Nov 30,2016

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smog hit residents in china ready to pay for bottled fresh air

According to local media, the population is ready to pay around 219 yuan (RM142) for acquiring a bottle of pollution-free, fresh air in smog-hit China.

The bottle of oxygen-rich air is available in a 7.7-litre bottle from New Zealand; it is offered by more than half a dozen retailers on various online websites.

With the outburst of the winter season in China, the northern regions are covered with choking smog. The demand for bottled fresh air has rocketed in the past few days, which are offered with attached breathing masks.

The Chinese media reported that, the 7.7-litre fresh air bottle can be bought at a price of 219 yuan; hence, the cost of a single breath comes out to be 1.2 yuan. Moreover, there is a difference in the prices based on the place of origin.

The retailers have confirmed that every bottle has enough air, as the customer can consume a minimum of 180 gulps.

This phenomenon has transformed into a business opportunity for several retailers. Some of them have started collecting bottled air named ‘Vitality Air’ from Canada, which comes in a 7.2-litre container. The price of this bottle is lesser at 108 yuan (RM70).

The market for ‘absolutely pure air’ has totally gone crazy as heavy discounts are extended to buyers living in the thickly polluted areas of China. As per reports, the people of Beijing who suffer from the worst pollution, could get up to 75 per cent off on the standard price of bottled air.

There is also news that retailers are providing a much cheaper alternative, that is, a bottle of air gathered from the coastal city of Weihai, located in eastern Shandong province. It can be purchased at a meagre cost of 5 yuan.