SAF dispatch team to resolve the issue of seized armored vehicles

Automotive - Pavan Pandey - Nov 30,2016

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saf dispatch team to resolve the issue of seized armored vehicles

A team from the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) are en route to Hong Kong to confirm the security of nine armored vehicles (Infantry Carrier Vehicles) seized by Hong Kong’s local customs authorities.

The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) had given a further update on the armored vehicles seized by the Hong Kong’s local customs during a routine inspection at Kwai Chung Container Terminal. SAF said that, they are working with Hong Kong authorities to resolve the issue.

Kwai Chung container terminal officer said that, they seized a total of 12 containers and for the inspection bomb disposal officers were called at the container terminal, but no explosives were found.

Nine Terrex armored vehicles along with other equipment were on a container ship from Taiwan – transiting via Hong Kong. The Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) stated that, American President Lines (APL) was contracted to transport nine Terrex Infantry Carrier Vehicles (ICV) and all these associated equipment back to Singapore after an overseas training exercise.

MINDEF further stated, the shipping contractor, APL, was required to fulfill all regulations including the declaration of transported equipment in the ship’s cargo manifest as well as gaining the necessary permits required for transit via ports. The ministry also said, a Singapore Armed Forces team has left for Hong Kong and the Singapore Consulate General in Hong Kong is also assisting in this matter.

The Terrex ICV is armed with battlefield management systems, which allows vehicles to connect with other land and air platforms like infantry fighting vehicles, artillery, main battle tanks, fighter helicopters, and aircraft. Moreover, this armed vehicles is also equipped with an advanced combat man system. These 7.78-meter long personnel carrier vehicles can transport a total of 13 troops including a driver and commander. It is composed with a modular preservation system which can be fortified with an add-on shield protection suite to deliver all-around safety against conventional dangers.