Prominent Alt-Right Accounts Suspended by the Twitter

Technology - Pavan Pandey - Nov 18,2016

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prominent alt right accounts suspended by the twitter

The social media site, Twitter, has started a major move to ban several prominent accounts of American alt-right users. .

The social media giant Twitter has not offered any explanation for its stern measure against alt-right accounts. Twitter is rolling out a chain of actions to control hate speech and abusive content from its platform. It has started this movement due to criticism that mounted up about the company’s failure to curb harassment, racism, sexism, and anti-Semitism related tweets. The suspended twitter alt-right accounts include; the founder of Radix Journal Richard Spencer, former chief technology officer of Business Insider Pax Dickinson, John Rivers, and Ricky Vaughn.

The founder of Radix Journal, Richard Spencer, said in a video on YouTube that, he and others were not trolling tweet or harassing anyone on Twitter, but they were posting some updates to people and rarely commenting on any news story. Mr. Spencer says in the video “It is corporate Stalinism, in a sense that there is great purge going on and they’re purging people on the basis of their views.” Later, Mr. Spencer added that the social media site did help in the election of Donald Trump and the victory shows that they have power and are eventually changing the world.

Earlier this year, Twitter permanently banned the controversial British Journalist Mr. Milo Yiannopoulos, prominent alt-right member and a conservative writer. Twitter also banned the “Saturday Night Live” comedian and actress Leslie Jones, who temporarily left the social network under a barrage of abusive posts.

This week, Twitter is putting a set of tools accessible to its users so as to report and avoid seeing insulting and abusive content. Twitter is allowing users to “mute” particular accounts, words, phrases, and also an entire conversation from the social media platform.