Oil Tanker explodes in Mozambique; 73 killed and more than 110 injured

World - Pavan Pandey - Nov 21,2016

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oil tanker explodes in mozambique 73 killed and more than 110 injured

According to western Mozambique officials, a fuel tanker exploded in a small town killing around 73 people with more than 110 claimed to be injured.

The government officials confirmed this fuel related disaster which occurred in the village of Caphiridzange located in western Tete. This incident started when the local citizens tried to steal petrol from an overturned truck in a village near Malawi. The injured were taken to a local hospital in Tete which is located 90 kilometers away from the prime incident spot. According to Radio Mozambique, dozens of charred bodies were present close to the area of explosion that were handled by medics and other officials.

The government of Mozambique further commented on the condition of the injured people and tagged them as ‘critical’. Children were also caught in this oil tank blast which has made the issue quite intense. According to the Information Ministry of Mozambique, they are trying to find the original reason for the explosion. Whether the truck driver was selling oil to locals when it caught fire or the oil tank truck had been ambushed by the local residents, are the major two speculations. This event can be linked to Mozambique government’s decision to increase the fuel prices in the country after the fall of local currency, Metical, against the dollar.

The Southeast African country Mozambique also struggles constantly with the shortage of food caused due to famine and drought. Mozambique is one of the world’s poorest nations and is still suffering from the consequences of a 16-year Civil War that finished in the year 1992. Last year in the month January a disaster occurred in the region of Tete. This event led to the death of almost 75 people after drinking some poisoned traditional beer.