Nuclear waste storage in South Australia rejected by citizens jury

Industry - Pavan Pandey - Nov 17,2016

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nuclear waste storage in south australia rejected by citizens jury

After a cabinet meeting about dumping the nuclear waste in South Australia, the Premier of South Australia Mr. Jay Weatherill said “no decision has been taken” about abandoning or continuing the nuclear waste storage. South Australia Premier Weatherill said the govt. had a number of other sources of view to consider, as well as an extremely negative citizens’ jury that rejected the plan over a “lack of trust”. The jury produced its final statement to the state govt. on Sunday with the 70% of 350 supporters disinclined to support the plan for a garbage dump under any situation.

Problems over safety and cost to run and adequately regulate such a facility 
Now the burden is increasing on the South Australian govt. to scuffle the idea of structuring a high-level nuclear waste storage in the state’s north. The idea of the dump is recommended for concern by the state’s royal commission into the nuclear energy cycle. The South Australian govt. has assured to take a decision by the end of this year. The citizen jury of South Australia conveyed a clear message, “South Australian public doesn’t want the state to become the world’s nuclear waste storage center. According to the report, "A lot of jurors consider they don't have a right to create a judgment that will have such long-standing and irreparable consequences for future generations". The minority description entitled for further financial forming to be built before a concluding result was completed. 

According to an analysis which submitted the report, the global nuclear fuel dump could produce a $52 billion profit over the lifecycle of the project. South Australian Premier Mr. Jay Weathrill said that another major reason jury member was against this nuclear waste storage proposal was the arrogance and worries of traditional land holders. He also stated that “he will respect the decisions of the jury, and now he must rule out any further task and any further expenses of taxpayers’ money further than the $10 million previously misused on his irresponsible nuclear frolic.”