Nintendo Classic: Bringing back the good ole days

Technology - Akanksha Singh - Nov 10,2016

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nintendo nes classic edition 2016 review report

Nintendo’s new ‘NES Classic Edition’, the mini-sized console wins hearts all over with its ‘80’s quotient’.

Earlier this year, Japan based video-gaming giant Nintendo, won hearts of all gamers and nerds by announcing its new “NES Classic Edition” (for $60). This new model of Nintendo is a tiny sized throwback to the Nintendo’s 80’s version console. It is not just a recall of the fun that Mario Bro’s was, but also a reminder of those late night gaming binge’s the 80’s kids pulled.

Along with sweet-sweet old memories and a recollection of the good ole’ days, the Nintendo ‘NES Classic Edition’ brings in all of your favorite games together. It does not only come enclosed with all the Mario Bro’s franchisees, it brings together classics like Castlevania, Legends of Zelda and Pac-Man, into a tiny console, that is not even the size of your palm. 

Nintendo has playfully and purposefully placed 3 different display settings, one that gives you a slightly blurry picture (for nostalgia’s sake) and the others “pixel perfect” that give you a more modern and sharp display quality.

This console comes in a simple “classic” USB controlled design, which just needs to be plugged in a computer or outlet and then connected to the monitor or TV for the great Nintendo experience. 

The model is available with a single controller, you can switch to two-player mode and play by trading off the same controller, or you can buy a second console for $10 (easy right).

The system does not connects to the internet, so you cannot upgrade it, or download any games. Though, it already comes packed with 30 game from the ‘memory lane’, background sound from ‘nostalgia studios’, and the gratification of knowing which brick has secret coins, which mushroom makes you double your size and which of the green pipes lead you to the princess.