Metrolinx wants to terminate the $700 million contract with the Bombardier Inc.

Industry - Pavan Pandey - Nov 17,2016

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metrolinx want to terminate the 700 million contract with the bombardier

The regional transport group Metrolinx has filed a notification of intention to terminate a $700 million contract for Bombardier to provide lightest-rail vehicles for the LRT (Light rail transit) Lines under construction in Toronto Canada. Canada has three major light rail systems in three cities - Edmonton, Ottawa and Calgary and another one streetcar system in Toronto, the most populous city in Canada. Toronto is now the 4th most populous city in the North America, following Mexico City, New York City, and Los Angeles.

This action was taken by Bombardier Inc. after another contract ordered by Metrolinx. It includes the 125 new bi-level commuter rail cars valued at $428 million contracts. In the month of July, Metrolinx showed anxiety over delivery delays of an archetype test rail cars for the Finch West light rail transit line and Eglinton-Crosstown lines in the Toronto. The Bombardier Inc. was supposed to supply that test vehicle in the year 2014 but they missed that time limit. The Bombardier Inc. also missed another deadline for the delivery of the test vehicle earlier this week in the month of November. 

A notice letter from the Metrolinx at the time also raised anxieties about the unsolved subjects surrounding the manufacturing and quality of the test vehicles and LRT. Last week Bombardier Inc. representative Mr. Mac-Andre Lefebvre said over the notice of intention from the Metrolinx, “the Intention notification is the part of contractual procedure, but the Canadian international aerospace and Transportation Corporation Bombardier Inc. would not provide any particulars on the reason for the delays in test vehicles of LRT (Light Rail Transit) and “the next step which is taken by the Metrolinx agency, It’s not something that surprises us,” Lefebvre said in his statement.