Medellin Plane Crash: Football rallies for Brazilian team Chapecoense

World - Mohit Shah - Nov 30,2016

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medellin plane crash football rallies for brazilian team chapecoense

Football fans & players from across the globe have expressed their sorrow after the tragic plane crash in Colombia which was carrying the Brazilian Club Chapecoense.                   

The crash took place on Monday near the mountainous patch outside Medellín City, Colombia. Only five people have survived the crash; while, 71 have been confirmed dead.

This charter aircraft was carrying the Brazilian team, Chapecoense, which was flying to play a crucial & important match so as to capture their very first international title.

The plane crash has shook the whole footballing world and rallies are held for paying tribute to this brave club. Chapecoense’s opponent team in the finals of Copa Sudamericana, Atletico Nacional, have requested to concede the game in order to ensure Chapecoense is announced as the winner.

On Monday, a large number of fans gathered at Arena Condá, Chapecoense’s home ground, dressed in white & green to mourn the fateful mishap. People belonging to all groups were present in the stadium for lending their prayers and support to the shattered Brazilian team.

Moreover, the first division football teams in Brazil have offered to extend their players to Chapecoense without charge anything in return. In addition to this, the clubs have requested the league to prevent the relegation of Chapecoense in the coming three years.

Popular footballers such as Lionel Messi, Neymar and Wayne Rooney have also lend their words of support to the players, who were travelling with a desire to claim a precious title.

Out of the five survivors, three are footballers. Defenders Alan Ruschel and Helio Zemper along with reserve goalkeeper Jakson Follman have been successfully pulled out from the debris. Goalkeeper Marcos Padilha was rescued alive; unfortunately Marcos died after reaching the hospital.

One of the club founders, Alvadir Pelisser, said that this plane crash has set an "end to everyone's dream".