Mazda to recall around 70,000 cars affected by a fuel pump fault

Automotive - Mohit Shah - Nov 18,2016

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mazda to recall around 70000 cars affected by a fuel pump fault

Mazda Motor has declared that, it would be recalling 70,000 RX-8 sports cars in the United States. This statement was launched by U.S safety regulators after an issue was spotted with the fuel pump sealing rings.

This automobile company is quite renowned for its sports cars that are famous worldwide. Mazda has issued a recall for RX-8s in the United States with model years 2004-2008. The fuel system is the prime concern that may leak and eventually catch fire. Such an issue has surely targeted the reputation of Mazda and the management is trying to fix the problem without wasting much time.

RX-8 is basically a three-door sports car which consists of a nontraditional type of rotary engine that functions on an internal combustion mechanism. It was revealed that, the sealing rings of the fuel pump might deteriorate due to exposed heat from the engine as well as the exhaust pipe. The alarming aspect is, when those rings fall apart and causes the fuel to leak. It would only require a minor spark to burn the whole vehicle into ashes.

Mazda kept shut regarding the mention of any injuries or accidents due to this fuel pump fault. The company has announced that, the car owners will be informed about the replacement of the fuel pump sealing rings without paying any charge.

At present, the required parts aren’t available in the market. But the automobile biggie assures that, the dealers would reinstall correct sealing rings in combination with an additional heat defending source for the fuel tank. This is basically to curb the deterioration to occur again. The company has also asked the car owners to avoid parking their vehicles in open spaces where there is a chance of direct heat exposure.