Lum Chung Receives $325 Million Tanah Merah Station Contract

Business - Pavan Pandey - Nov 15,2016

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lum chung receives 325 million tanah merah station contract

Singapore’s Land Transport Authority (LTA) has given the civil contract of building new platforms and viaducts at Tanah Merah Station to local firm Lum Chung Building Contractors. The work of construction for this new supplementary platform is expected to start by the end of this year, with the target to complete it by 2024. 

The new platform will permit new tracks to be used for the journey to and from Expo and Changi Aerodrome. The new additional platform will allow the trains of the Changi Aerodrome line to arrive and depart at Tanah Merah station at smaller breaks.  Currently, trains going to and from Changi Aerodrome by using the central track of Tanah Merah station, and trains have to pause for current trains to passage out before they can arrive, causing in a time-consuming wait for the pass.

After Jurong East interchange station modification in 2011, where another additional platform was built and the layout of its track was modified. Tanah Merah Station will be another station to have additional tracks to its original design. Manufacture Company Lum Chang Holding said that this construction includes building an added platform and concourse, and related road and drainage mechanisms. In this agreement, tracks and viaducts similar to the present East-west Line and connections to another train yard.

Lum Chang Building Contractors Pvt. Ltd. is a very famous and well-established local contractor, company has a lot experiences in the several infrastructure and construction projects in Singapore and also in the foreign countries. Land Transport Authority confirmed that during the work of construction for that viaduct, LTA will work with the service provider to implement dirt and sound control devices for controlling them on the construction site. Noise obstacles and privacy displays will be fitted near the new viaduct to reduce the impact on local citizens living nearby on the construction site of Tanah Merah station. LTA also said that they will work very closely to minimize any type of inconvenience caused.