Jaguar reveals its iconic supercar XKSS in LA Auto Show 2016

Company - Pavan Pandey - Nov 23,2016

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la 2016 jaguar took 60 years to build the iconic xkss

The luxury vehicle company, Jaguar Cars, has unveiled its first supercar XKSS in Los Angeles Auto Show 2016; this car has been built in a time span of 60 years.

In the upcoming LA Auto Show, Jaguar will serve its blueprint for the nine series production models that will be finalized next year. Earlier this year, the popular automobile company declared that it would be building nine iconic XKSS sports cars to complete the entire series of the D-Type racer vehicles. The original XKSS was made for the US market as a road-going renovation of the Le Mans-winning D-type built in 1954. But the fire mishap at Jaguar’s Brown’s Lance factory gutted the 9 models in the year 1957. As a result, only 16 models were ever made of its proposed 25 D-type car production run.

The iconic XKSS sports car is the second continuation to be manufactured by Jaguar Cars, following the six lightweight E-type cars which were built in the year 2014. The XKSS is one of the most significant cars in the history of Jaguar and the company has committed to manufacture its new original version at the earliest.

All the nine cars will be completely fresh with period chassis number from the XKSS chassis log and the price would be £1million for every model. The continuation cars feature period specification four-wheel Dunlop disc brakes with a Plessey pump along with Dunlop tires with riveted two-piece magnesium alloy wheels. The sports car XKSS is motorized by a 3.4-liter straight six-cylinder Jaguar D-type engine that produces an output of 266 PS. These engines are equipped with a new cast cylinder and advanced cast iron blocks added with three Weber DCo3 carburetors.

Jaguar is currently owned by the Indian company Tata Motors and since 2008, the company has shown rapid pace in increasing its catalogue.