Jaguar Land Rover aim future plans with government support

Automotive - Mohit Shah - Nov 30,2016

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jaguar land rover aim future plans with government support

Dr. Ralf Speth, Jaguar’s Chief Executive, has announced future plans which include several new job opportunities in the West Midlands.

JLR chief Ralf Speth said that, he wants to enhance the count of UK-produced cars in the coming years. This statement came during an industry event when he aspired to double the production rate so as to reach the level of one million cars a year.

For the successful execution of this plan he requested the government to lend support regarding upgraded power supplies and significant investment in surrounding infrastructure. The company also wished for a guarantee in terms of positive connection with current engineering talent.

With a rise in production target, Jaguar is outlining new job opportunities. Chairman of Warwick Manufacturing Group, Lord Kumar Bhattacharyya, gave an estimate figure of 10,000 jobs. However, the company spokesman declined to comment on the exact figure.

Britain’s biggest carmaker, Jaguar, has also started its work to build electric cars that would surely lift the UK automotive sector after the adverse effects of Brexit. Speth said in the meeting on Thursday that, Jaguar wants to build EVs (electric vehicles) mainly in the West Midlands which is the home for the company’s engineering and design.

The expectations from the government by Jaguar’s top officials have been further pushed after Nissan’s decision to offer two fresh next generation models. Nissan has acquired sufficient assurances from the government for spending in automotive research and development.

As per sources, this vision was long held by the company’s boss but he never disclosed it till date. Jaguar also hopes infrastructural assistance for a 60 acre site which needs to be further backed up by additional power systems.

JLR has handed the baton in the hands of the government for matching its ambition by pledging sufficient investment.