Jaguar pulls up its sleeves in the electric market

Automotive - Akanksha Singh - Nov 22,2016

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jaguar introduces ipace new concept electric car

Jaguar plans on launching its new electric car I pace, which is an SUV with a range of 500 KMs

Electric cars are no more a mere concept, the demand of electric cars has doubled over the past few years. Tesla has been looked up as the company with total overall monopoly in the industry, but the new I Pace would be giving tough competition to Tesla’s Model X SUV. Though, Jaguar has presented I Pace as just a concept, the automobile industry is very optimistic because of Jaguar’s impeccable image to deliver on its promise.

Jaguar’s first-ever electric vehicle, is a battery powered version of its previously successful F-Pace. Which is expected to have a longer range of 500 KMs, a range far more impressive than the majority of EV’s available in the market today. It translates as good news for the daily commuters that have to travel short distances like 40-50 KMs; since, they would have to charge their batteries roughly once a week.

I Pace has been called the sexy “Tron-fied” version of Jaguars F-Pace. It has all the physical appeal that comes with buying a ‘Jaguar’, and the new and trendy appeal of being “environment-friendly” and “smart”. Jaguar has notched-up its game just by introducing the very popular concept of today’s time and age.

 Electric motors generally create a combined output of 700Nm of torque at the front and rear axles. Since it is electric, the said torque is available instantly, which means that I Pace has a sports-car acceleration of 0-100kph in four seconds.

Being electric also means, getting rid of the heavy combustion engine, leading to the availability of more space; for I Pace it means a new and innovative design along with a sexier and more comfortable interior. The cabin has also been pushed forward. Despite this extra room for passengers and luggage, I-Pace takes up less road space than a conventional mid-size SUV.