Instagram introduces live video and disappearing messages like Snapchat

Technology - Mohit Shah - Nov 22,2016

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instagram introduces live video and disappearing messages like snapchat

Instagram has grown savvy in terms of technology as the company launched two new features on Monday, which includes live video broadcasting that can be streamed directly from your phone.

Instagram’s parent company, Facebook, has been focusing on the broadcasting element since the past one year. This upgrade reveals the involvement of higher technology to make the photo and video app more dynamic.

The user can watch the broadcast when it’s actually recorded live. Once it is over, the broadcast will vanish and won’t be available for a second view. On the other hand, the second attractive feature deals with disappearing messages which is offered in the latest version of Instagram. This Snapchat-style option has made the competition quite intense between the two social media giants.

Instagram has been replicating similar features possessed by Snapchat; earlier it was Stories and now this messaging update. This should surely concern Snapchat because Instagram holds a user base of half billion people across the globe, and above all the parent firm Facebook itself has close to 3 billion current users.

Inspired by Facebook Live, you can directly appear live using Instagram. The best aspect is that, your friends will be notified that you are currently live. You can post comments and converse while staying on-air. But there is no archive which is offered to store these live videos.

The disappearing element of photos and videos is designed for encouraging interaction among friends and groups. You can also add typical elaborations which are already present in the app.

These fresh Instagram features have been introduced globally for both iOS and Android platforms.

Instagram product boss Kevin Weil says, "It's a bi-directional experience, and you only get that when you're actually live with someone". Moreover, he also stated that, the aim is to make Instagram a place where people can share their moments such as inside jokes, which are suited for a smaller group of mates.