Huaweis Mate 9 Set to Challenge Apple and Samsung Dominance

Business - Mohit Shah - Nov 14,2016

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huaweis mate 9 set to challenge apple and samsung dominance

China’s tech leader, Huawei, launched its new fully equipped smartphone named Mate 9 which is expected to hamper the market ruled by Apple and Samsung

Huawei has enhanced its catalogue by introducing a new smartphone under the Mate series. Mate 9 is a high-price smartphone which is loaded with numerous profitable features. The specifications are mind boggling and have flipped the notions of buyers as well as market researchers. With a 5.9 inch full HD display, Huawei’s Mate 9 is directed to challenge Apple iPhone 7 Plus and the discarded Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Several market analysts have acknowledged Huawei’s efforts after significant changes in its smartphones. These advancements are surely aimed at acquiring better global recognition in the mobile phone business. One of the most remarkable features of Mate 9 is the camera that allows the user to click well defined pictures with the help of two different sensors. The 12-megapixel sensor functions to take colored pictures, whereas, the 20-megapixel sensor is installed for the sole purpose of capturing impressive black and white shots.

Huawei has hit the correct time for the launch of its grand smartphone as buyers are searching for an alternate option to Samsung Note 7. The distressed markets in Europe and India after Samsung’s failure can prove as an excellent expansion ground for Huawei.

Another aspect which favors the market development plan for Mate 9 is obviously the price. Buyers are offered a 64 GB handset which consists of 4 microphones. This is indeed a positive and crucial point for the Chinese mobile company to attract buyers who are annoyed by Apple’s decision to discard the headphone jack in their iPhone 7 series.  

According to Huawei, Mate 9 can be tagged as a “productivity tool” which is quite beneficial for professional users. The successful run of this dynamic smartphone can be precisely judged once it is able to shake the U.S market.