All you need to know about Google Home

Technology - Akanksha Singh - Nov 11,2016

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Google Home, Google’s new ‘home assistive device brings everything ‘smart’ together

‘Google Home’ is a home assistive device, released all over the world on 4th November 2016. It is built-in with high quality speakers, that allow you a hands free verbal control of all your smart home devices.

What is a home assistive device?

A home assistive device is like a remote control for everything that is smart in your home, it is ‘a-key-to-all’. Say if you want to control the temperature of your thermostat or the intensity of your light  bulbs, the volume of your speakers, or even what is playing on the television, a “home assistive device lets you do that without even stirring a finger.

How does Google Home work?

Google Home, controls any other Google enabled device in your house.

The assistant activates when you say “Okay Google”, within the hearing range of the device; it then answers your queries or performs the said tasks. Like if you were to say “Okay Google, what are the best wines available in napa valley”, your device would search for the answer (obviously on Google) and give you the reply verbally.

Not just good for searches (we all know Google’s impeccable history with knowing what we want), the Google Home responds to commands of playing music, streaming video and controlling other google enabled devices perfectly.

If you say to Google Home “Okay Google, play Grey’s Anatomy season 13 trailer on the bedroom TV”, the video of Grey’s Anatomy season 13 trailer would be played on the (Google activated) bedroom TV; If you were to say “Okay Google, add waffles to my shopping list”, then ‘Waffles’ would be added to you shopping list, which would then be available on your smart phone.

Google Home’s Assistant helps you set reminders, create alarms, send texts, control the volume of your Google Home speaker or any other google enabled speaker in your house. It sets and remembers your calendar or appointments, creates-changes lists, searches for information and what not.

Google Home, brings all your smart home devices under one banner, controlling and performing simple tasks, that turn tedious for us.