Global Robotics Market: Rising Demand in the Automotive Industry

Technology - Mohit Shah - Nov 11,2016

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global robotics market rising demand in the automotive industry

Global market for robots has significantly accelerated due to the growing demand for industrial robotics with automotive industry acting as a prime contributor This enhancement is very positive which has strengthened the future goals of the companies and investors connected to the robotics market. In 2015, the worldwide robotics volume was recorded close to 300,000 Units. According to reports, by the end of 2020, automotive robotics will surely seize more than half the shares of the total volume. 

Asia Pacific has emerged as the prime region where the demand for industrial robotics has risen over the recent years. Demand for robots has witnessed a spike in countries like India, China, Japan, Taiwan and Australia, especially in the research sector. Moreover, the developing economies of Asia Pacific are expected to maintain a constant revenue generation for industrial robotics. This forecast is quite strong due to speedy industrialization in those countries. 

Under industrial robotics, there are several segments such as articulated robots SCARA robots, Cartesian robots and cylindrical robots. Among these, articulated robots dominate a major share of the wealth generated under the industrial robotics market. 

The powerful companies from the industrial robotics market include KUKA Robotics Corporation, Epson America Inc., Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd., Daihen Corporation, Denso Corporation, Universal Robots, Panasonic Corporation, Yaskawa Motoman Robotics and Nachi Robotic Systems Inc., which have been consistent with their contribution to the development of this sector. 

Global robotics market has started to gain benefits from service robotics as well. Though Service Robotics forms only 20% share of the overall market, but the advancement in the demand of defense robotics and medical robotics has started to impact growth rates. 

The international market for robotics need to frame effective measures and find ways for stabilizing this gain so as to cross new milestones in the upcoming years.