Ford’s Tentative Agreement with Unifor

Industry - Pavan Pandey - Nov 17,2016

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fords tentative agreement with unifor

Unifor (Union for Canada), on behalf of 6,700 autoworkers at Ford’s actions in Canada, said late Monday that the ‘high-level conferences between Unifor and Ford Motor Company, were in an effort to influence an agreement before the forthcoming strike deadline. The announcement came just 2 hours before night Monday night strike deadline. Unifor has threatened the job action at Ford Facilities in Bramalea, Oakville, and Windsor if the deal isn’t completed. Finally, Ford Motor Company and Unifor have agreed upon a tentative deal on a new contract to avoid a stalemate.

The sticking arguments in the meetings were an investment in Ford's Canadian operations and what Unifor called additional "key" fiscal guarantees. The spokeswomen of Unifor, Denise Hammond said that “the union was still discussing investment in Ford motor company's Canadian operations and the economics of the contract”. During the media briefing, she said “we are narrowed in on the most important issues in bargaining” and we will reach either a tentative settlement or we will be on strike. 

Unifor wants Ford to secure an agreement that can win the support from the autoworker at an Oakville, Ontario assembly factory, which doesn’t need a new investment in the short-term. Those contracts cover 2% advance over the next four years for common employees and yearly earnings increment for new delegates after the first year, rather than a three-year wait for a bump. Ford Motor Company is the last of the Detroit Three automakers to complete a new contract, shaped after four-year contracts struck with other two automakers, which include General Motors and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Both automobiles companies General Motors and Fiat Chrysler have already agreed to capitalize $554 million each in their Canadian maneuvers. These three automobiles are frequently referred as the “Big Three” being the leading automakers in the Canada and United States.