Leaked information of Ford’s new Mustang is the only talk of town

Automotive - Akanksha Singh - Nov 22,2016

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ford mustang 2018 leaked information

Leaked pictures and information about Ford’s new Mustang releasing in 2018, grips all auto lovers by their teeth

Leaked pictures of the new Mustang by Ford, set to release in 2018, have been surfacing the internet recently and people are busy making speculation after speculation. The Ford Mustang 2018, is apparently getting a face-lift, the car is likely to get a new head and taillights along with restyled bumpers.

It is also speculated that the new Mustang will drop the V6 tag, not surprising at all, as the 2.3 liter EcoBoost turbo four exceeds it only by a small margin in terms of output and the overall performance. Ford even had to downgrade V6’s power so it would not completely run parallel to EcoBoost, thereby making it costlier for fewer cylinders. Dropping the V6 tag means a slight increase in the price as V6 is the entry level engine below EcoBoost and V8 GT.

Reportedly, the cars automatic transmission is to switch from today’s 6-speed to a 10-speed, used in new Raptor and some other F-150s.  This would improve both performance and efficiency if it’s viably geared. There is also some news about the magnetorheological (MagneRide) dampers used on the Shelby GT50, or something like them, to be available for this and the existing models (except V6) as well.

The car offers a ‘Performance Package 2’ which is supposedly different from the GT Performance Package, which suggests that Ford will offer more track focused packages for the new Mustang GT to directly compete with Chevrolet’s Camaro 1LE package. There is yet another speculation about the introduction of new colors like “Orange Fury”, “Royal Crimson” that will be a first for Ford, along with a Shelby-exclusive “Lead Foot Gray” exterior paint. Kona Blue will also be making a return, but the fans of Grabber Blue won’t be much pleased to learn that the color will not be continued for 2018.