Facebook to build a censorship friendly tool for China

Technology - Akanksha Singh - Nov 30,2016

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facebook to design a censorship friendly tool for china

Facebook might be making a “tool” that would complement China’s strict internet rules According to various reports circulating the web, Facebook is busy making a software that could accommodate censorship demands in China. Though, the social networking giant refused to comment; declining to confirm or deny any such news. In a report the company stated that it wants to “spend more time understanding the country” and no such decisions about the company’s approach have yet been made. The Electronic Frontier Foundation, a group that advocates better privacy online, suggested to BBC that the project sounded ‘extremely disturbing’, and they appreciated the courage of that particular Facebook employee who brought the whole scene to New York Times attention. Though the anonymous source quoted that, like many pieces of software worked on internally, the software might never get implemented. Due to strict heavy regulations in China, Facebook could only be accessed through a ‘virtual private network’-a software designed to “spoof” a person’s real location to avoid local restrictions. Facebook has had 1.8 billion active users and has been looking aggressively to expand its market in parts of the world beyond its reach, which translates to experimenting with new technology to connect with rural and inaccessible areas. It appears that Facebook is ready to compromise its ethics to meet the needs of a tightly-monitored Chinese internet. Mark Zuckerberg has apparently been quoted saying, that it is better for Facebook to be ‘a part of conversation’, even if it is ‘not a full conversation’. Once again, Facebook’s spokeswoman neither confirmed nor denied if the quote was accurate. Mark Zuckerberg was recently seen spending time with China’s Xi Jinping, he is also apparently taking Mandarin lessons, making it quite apparent that some talks are indeed happening between the company and the government.