Facebook launches new feature to detect nearby Wi-Fi

Technology - Himanshu Gill - Nov 22,2016

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facebook launches new feature to detect nearby wi fi

Facebook is testing on a new feature that can search for nearby places with wireless hotspots and free Wi-Fi to facilitate enhanced real-time information sharing.

The social networking giant confirmed the news saying that, its Wi-Fi discovery feature is being rolled out at the moment, but it will be available only in selected countries. A Facebook spokesperson said that, this would help people stay connected and enhance the availability and usage of social networking.

Since some time, Facebook had started asking all the pages to list the locations with access to Wi-Fi at their physical addresses. This is said to be the backbone of the information that this feature is built on.

This feature seems to be an obvious fit to push ‘Facebook Live’ harder than ever. Without a strong internet connection, people don’t get the best of results while filming live video. More nearby locations to Wi-Fi that Facebook would point someone to, the better the quality of real time information sharing, news and viral esque video content would become. This would make Facebook Live feature more ecstatic than ever.

It would also be helpful in developing countries where the cost of data plans is high, or people who don’t want to incur heavy roaming charges while travelling.

However, Facebook is yet to make it clear on which platforms would this feature be available, as Android users are yet to experience this update. As for iOS, it has been rolled out to many of the users. It can be spotted in the hamburger menu in the mobile app, with the name “Enable Find Wi-Fi”. It also shows how much time it takes to reach the place and the name of the network that can be connected to.

The accuracy of this feature’s results are yet to be tested as it has been rolled out only on a trial basis with a limited access.