Electric Vehicles all set to take over the world?

Technology - Akanksha Singh - Nov 11,2016

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electric vehicles are redemption to the world

In the era of Global Warming, Electric Vehicles appear to be our redemption
When the talks of ‘global warming’, ‘ozone layer depletion’, and ‘glaciers melting down’ are thrown at our faces; when the air of major cities of the world reach toxic levels; and when oil reserves all over the globe start depleting faster than one can spell ‘Mississippi’, it is of no wonder that electric vehicles are the talk of town. So, move over CNG, the new buzz is all about EV’s (electric vehicles).
While EV’s comprise of only one percent of the global automobile industry, their sale and manufacture has shot up by 49%, in the year 2016 itself. With reasonably priced models like Nissan’s ‘LEAF’, Tesla’s ‘MODEL 3’, and Chevrolet’s ‘BOLT’ in the market, electric vehicles are not just for clean energy enthusiasts or environmental activists, they are for everyone.
Back in July, American automaker and energy-storage giant, Tesla opened a new Gigafactory in Nevada. Production in the factory starts by 2017 and by the end of 2018 Tesla plans on producing 500,000 Model 3’s per year. 
Japanese automobile giant ‘Toyota’ aims at selling its first long range EV by 2020, making EV’s suitable not just for short range commute but also for long distance travel.
General Motors Co, located north of Detroit plans on increasing the production of ‘Chevrolet Bolt’, taking a cautious approach towards this EV revolution. While automotive giants Nissan and Volkswagen have claimed Electric Vehicles to be the most viable zero emission vehicles of the future.
“Could the world’s transportation system be on the verge of a disruption, one that could slow the growth of oil demand and eventually reverse it?
The question is not just profound, it is urgent.” New York Times reports
If it is to be believed that the world truly wants to fight the drastic and impending environmental disaster, innovative and effective trends like these need to be followed and dare-say made necessary.