The death sentence of ousted president Morsi reversed by the Egyptian Court

World - Pavan Pandey - Nov 17,2016

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egypt court reversed the death sentence of ousted president morsi

An Egyptian court reversed the death sentence of the former president of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi. He was unseated by the army on 3rd July after the Egyptian protest in the month of June 2013. This decision by the Egypt court is a huge victory for the ousted president who has been convicted and sentenced by the army chief and current president of Egypt, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. 

The Court of Cassation ordered that the former president Morsi is retried on the accusation of taking part in the prison breaks and violence during the 2011 rebellion. Moreover, the court is yet to issue a resolution next week regarding the plea against a life punishment on the accusation of undercover work for Iran, the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas and Lebanese militant group Hezbollah. From November 27, the same appeals court will review the Morsi’s appeal against the similar punishment in a different case in which the former president was found guilty of stealing important papers connected to national security and handling them over to Qatar, an old supporter of his organization Muslim Brotherhood. At present, Morsi is being held at the Borg el-Arab jail close to the northern city of Alexandria.

Hundreds Mohamed Morsi supporters have been punished to death during these mass trials, which have been criticized by the United Nations and Human rights groups. Due to an appeal, the death punishment has been reversed by the Court of Cassation. The Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt was banned by the Egyptian Administration after the army confirmed this group to be a terrorist organization. The court has also ordered a new trial for the Muslim Brotherhood Leader, Mohamed Morsi after determining that there were misdeeds in the previous trials. It means that, Morsi’s case will go back to the courts without giving much focus on the previous judgements.