Earthquake in Japan Charges Tsunami Waves at Fukushima

World - Mohit Shah - Nov 22,2016

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earthquake in japan charges tsunami waves at fukushima

Japan experienced a dangerous 7.4 magnitude earthquake close to Fukushima and Miyagi prefectures; this incident was combined with tsunami waves that were 1m high.

It is the second time where an earthquake and tsunami has struck this area. In 2011, a similar natural disaster led to the killing of 18,000 people.

According to Japan’s Meteorological Agency, the earthquake occurred at 06:00 local time (21:00 GMT) on Monday. Immediate evacuation warnings were launched and the residents were asked to reach a higher ground.

This quake was recorded as one of the powerful tremors in Japan, which had eventually shocked the Fukushima nuclear power plant. But the officials have confirmed that no damage is caused in the division.

Heavy tremors were felt in the capital city of Tokyo as well, which is almost 100 miles south from Fukushima. The effect was quite strong as buildings shook for at least half a second. Till now, there are only reports of minor injuries and minimalistic damage, which surely makes this incident a close escape from a major devastating outcome.

Almost 1m tall waves struck the coastline near the Fukushima nuclear power plant, but “there was no problem” as confirmed by Yoshihide Suga, Cabinet Chief Secretary. Suga also informed that, the third reactor’s water cooling system has stopped functioning but excluding this no other abnormalities are spotted.

Tsunami warnings were declined after a duration of four hours, but residents were asked to evacuate the areas close to the coastline.

Few hours later, an earthquake struck New Zealand which was assumed to be an aftershock of the deadly tremor of 7.5 magnitude that shook South Island last week. There were speculations that, the quake in Japan led to this tectonic activity in New Zealand. However, this report was immediately denied by experts.