Trump disavows the alt-right movement

World - Akanksha Singh - Nov 23,2016

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donald trump disavows the alt right movement

U.S. President elect Donald Trump denies any support for ‘alt-right’, a white supremacy supporting movement

In a recent interview with the New-York Times, President elect Donald Trump denied allegations of supporting the alt-right movement; he also expressed his disappointment in people who are relating his victory to white supremacy. In the interview with New-York Times he said, “It’s not a group I want to energize”, he also said that he ‘disavows the group’ and if the alt-right groups feel energized, he would look into the matter and find out why.

Trump has been called out for supporting racism, his open dislike towards Mexicans and Muslims is almost old news, but he has also been looked at as the beacon of a white neo-Nazi movement.  After his recent win, several alt-right supporters gathered on the streets of Washington to show their solidarity and celebrate the victory of what is ‘right’.

Though, the president elect said he wants to do nothing with them, he has been inciting suspicions of being a ‘white-supremist’ supporter. Since, the very day Trump won the elections, “non-whites”, be it Muslims, Mexicans, Spanish or Black, people have been facing assaults and threats. These people have taken to social-media to report the incidence and share their fears about living in a country governed by a ‘racist leader’.

Though, Trump denied any connections with the alt-right supporters, he ignited speculations after he made Steve Bannon his top advisor in the White House. Bannon who has been his campaign CEO, was also the former executive chairman of Breitbart News, a website termed as ‘the platform for the alt-right’. Bannon rejected the anti-Semitic and racist elements being connected to him ‘somehow’, in a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal. Trump himself defended Bannon, saying he has known him for’ a long time’; Trump also said that if he thought that Bannon was a racist or ‘alt-right’, he would not have hired him.