Supporters call for a Vote recount in major areas

World - Akanksha Singh - Nov 30,2016

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democrats are being called on for a recount

Clinton reaches almost 2 million popular vote lead, liberals to seek voting hack investigations?

After the decisive loss of the US elections 2016 mainly because of tough competition in key states like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, Hillary Clinton’s supporters call for a recount. Democratic Party’s candidate is sure winning hearts with her popularity vote, but the election is done with and decided. Yet democrats are hanging to the last thread of hope- reversing Trump’s majority in the Electoral College.

Recently, reputed scientists from the University of Michigan have urged the Democratic Party to file for a recount in the said three states, as they are suspicious about hacking. According to these scientists, the results have been tampered with; hence, they need to be re-reviewed through manual paper balloting.

Those who are pushing for a recount say that, they are trying to raise a fight for a tired and a demoralized candidate and her staff, New York Times reports. Though the Clinton campaign or Hillary Clinton herself has not yet responded or taken any action complying with the requests raised.

Green Party’s nominee Jill Stein launched a bid on Wednesday, seeking a vote recount in the three key states, as the pressure is building up among liberals to challenge the election result. Stein campaign has raised almost $2 million and they are pitching for $4.5 million that would be spend in recounting and reassessing. Stein and others are seek an audit and recount of results in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. Stein says that, the reports from cyber-experts are very troubling and point towards a ‘possibility of security breaches’ in some states across the country.

Though, the turn of events is pretty ironic, only months ago Trump was heard saying that he would “not accept the results” if Hillary won, he now salutes the ‘impartiality of the democratic system’ and Hillary’s supporters are protesting on the streets calling for an audit and a recount.